img_1652After completing my university studies in Molecular Biology at Stockholm University in 1998, I earned doctorate in Cellular Biology. And after finishing a 2-year post-doctoral training in cancer cell biology at the University of Bologna, I left academic research and I spent closer to 10 years doing clinical research in the medical device industry. It was a fulfilling experience, but this last decade, life also brought me knowledge and wisdom from areas other than rational natural science. I started to study transpersonal psychology, followed by Yoga philosophy, the history and development of world religions, Buddhism and Zen meditation. I started on a profound level to recognize the meaning of a spiritual dimension in life, as an integral part, perhaps even the most fundamental part, of health and healing.

In part I will be blogging about Yoga practice, transpersonal psychology (which focuses on combining modern scientific approaches with the “philosophies of existence”), and research related to human spirituality. Transpersonal psychology is a branch of psychology focused on expanding human consciousness and integrating traditional psychology with spiritual and holistic living. Transpersonal literally means ‘beyond the person’ and the transpersonal dimension acknowledges the person as a multifaceted being (mind, body, spirit, soul). I will also share my perspective on Art and Expressive therapies, Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Learning, Energy of Emotions and Life Transitions and Rites of Passage.