Meditate with a brush in your hand

Question: What do you mean by saying: I know myself as I am?

Answer: Before the mind — I am. ‘I am’ is not a thought in the mind; the mind happens to me, I do not happen to the mind. And since time and space are in the mind, I am beyond time and space, eternal and omnipresent.

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Intuitive painting

Intuitive painting is a powerful transformative, spiritual and creative practice. It’s designed to transform your relationship to your intuition, to devote yourself to hearing it and to truly allow yourself listening to it. You also learn the to tell the difference between your intuitive intelligence and your analytical and judging mind.

To actually learn how to recognise when the intuitive intelligence is speaking to you.

Intuitive painting is the practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. As you release your attachment to judgment and planning and some future goal, this  practice allows you to open more to presence and spaciousness and self compassion. To deeply connect with the spark of Spirit and your inner Divine Wisdom.

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Intuitive painting is the practice of freeing your creative self and is a the practice of deep soul work, your medicine.

Intuitive painting makes the unconscious, conscious. It allows you to become more awake and alive. Real, authentic, whole. You being You. It is a bridge to create an unshakeable alliance with your inner wisdom and your inner healer. It works as a practice a to help you recognise that you are not just your personality. You are also consciousness itself. It allows you to find your way back to that exquisite sense of yourself as more than your name, nationality, gender or status.

“The windows of my soul” Maria Nyåkern 2015

I have practiced intuitive painting in a couple of workshops, as well as in my own practice. The magic of the painting process encouraged me to be much more fully present and fully alive. I experienced the power of my creativity as a tool for developing greater self compassion and self awareness. What I really learned in this practice is how to be creatively and spiritually engaged in every area of my life.


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